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Oxxford Clothes Centennial 2016

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

We celebrated 100 years of custom bespoke clothing.

Celebrating our centennial

Highest Quality Since 1916

In every phase of human endeavor, "He that is first must be prepared to endure probing questions and close scrutiny." Mediocrity has never been known to incite either interest or envy. This is true whether one is referring to an individual or manufactured product. There are many fine lines of clothing manufactured in our industry, but we feel that where quality is concerned Oxxford deserves the number one position. Fashion and quality should be concomitant - the former is not a substitute for the latter. It is quite easy in this era of Madison Avenue image for an individual or a product to be eulogized all out of proportion to intrinsic value.

Oxxford Clothes are not inexpensive, but the product exemplifies an outstanding value. Our garments contain two inestimable ingredients; quality and fidelity. The reason Oxxford Clothes cost more than any other ready made clothing produced, is due to the fact that the garment is made almost entirely by hand using the highest quality cloth. This hand tailored construction we feel gives our garment an appearance and character that is unsurpassed. Obviously, hand tailored clothing takes the hands and dexterity of skilled artisans who by virtue of their talents must be compensated accordingly.

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