Oxxford Clothes x Rolls-Royce Owner's Club

Behind every great man is a great car...

We are proud to announce that we were selected to take part in an extraordinary project by the Rolls-Royce Owner’s Club and will be featured in a hardback publication called

Strive for Perfection.

“The 296-page hardback publication explores the living legacy of the world’s most famous marque, Rolls-Royce. Profiling models old and new, the book celebrates the company’s unceasing pursuit of excellence – an ethos that earned it the status of “best car in the world”. Written by a select group of motoring experts and enthusiasts, Strive for Perfection has been produced by London-based publisher St James’s House in partnership with the RROC. The book’s launch will be one of the highlights of the RROC’s 64th Annual Meet—a major, week-long event that attracts owners and enthusiasts from across the country.”

Below are a few photos from the event: